Transnational Training Event

C1 Short-term joint staff training event

The basis for the training provided in this LTTA is the training programme developed as part of IO2. The face to face training and FARCE workshops will support the skills acquisition for using the co-created FARCE resources and specifically target the development of the skills of community and adult education professionals.

The overall goals of the training is to support educators to prepare satirical and comedy based learning resources for use with learners and explore this new method to introduce complex and often controversial topics. In this instance, climate change. They will also have the chance to experiment with other challenges and controversial issues of the day.

Each partners will select two adult or community educators from, or working closely with, their own organisation, and who are interested in using satirical and performance based methodologies in learning to build the key transversal skills of young adults in a climate change context. Partners will select teachers or trainers who have the potential to implement and will to experiment with new approaches in learning. they also agree to support the cascading model of training proposed here by supporting the cascaded training of a further four education professionals in their home countries.

Leading Organisation

This training event is planned to be held in Cyprus in March 2022.