IO1 - Climate Change Awareness Compendium of Comedy and Learning

Compendium of Comedy and Learning

The FARCE - Climate Change Awareness Compendium of Comedy and Learning consists of 49 individual comedy pieces (7 per partner) that address climate change issues in a fun and meaningful way. The FARCE consortium has developed a wide variety of comedy pieces, audio visual sketches, audio narrations, humorous print articles, performances and artistic works. Each of these resources is accompanied by a lesson plan to implement and achieve the desired learning outcomes in each country. This might require adaption in style or language to suit certain types of the learning situation.

The preparatory stage consisted of the development of value proposition matrices for each of the 7 comedy pieces to ensure that the developed resources and materials target the knowledge and skills required at the specific target learning levels set out at the start of the project. These levels were specified at the project outset and need to be appropriate across the partnership. FARCE partners have carried out the preparatory analysis and agree that significant thought and planning need to be applied at this stage to ensure the materials will be fit for purpose going forwards.

To ensure that the output is transferable and adaptable, and will have the biggest impact, the pedagogic materials have to be consistent and target the right level of the learner. The target groups were identified in the pre-project phase, but our analysis shows that young adults often have the strongest views about the issue of climate change and the skills to engage with social media and the fast-moving news flow.

The resources are available free of charge, in all partner languages  on this page.

O1 FARCE - Climate Change Awareness Compendium of Comedy and Learning

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