The FARCE MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) will be the main place of interaction and the main hosting repository of the developed FARCE learning resources. The MOOC will be designed as sequential, interactive step-by-step course aimed at reaching higher numbers of participants, not restricted by geographical barriers, to create a community of lifelong learners and professionals with interests in environment action, education, comedy and performance.

The inclusion of the in service training (IO2) and the resources developed in the IO1 FARCE - Climate Change Awareness Compendium of Comedy and Learning, will be the foundation of the course, available on an open access basis for educators interested in deploying satirical performance and comedy based resources in educational settings. It will also be designed to be attractive, engaging and of interest to anyone concerned with the climate change crisis and methods to highlight urgent global issues. There is a growing need to make learning as open and accessible as possible - As part of the FARCE project we need to consider the digital learning revolution and blended learning happening all around us. The new innovations and technological developments are playing a major part in the way many people are choosing to study.

Learners who sign up to the FARCE MOOC will have 24:7 access to traditional course materials, such as readings and problem sets, plus interactive tools such as videos, performances and sketches that will all be designed to generate discussion and debate around the main topics.

This resource will be avaliable till the end of August 2022.