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Skills Elevation FHB

Hauptstadftallee 239 V V UG (Skills Elevation FHB) Skills Elevation Berlin FHB is a new company established by academics, educators, performing artists and environmentalists who have been cooperating on a voluntary basis since 2016. FHBs mission is to provide an alternative educational methodology to support the social, emotional and cognitive development of marginalised groups and to support front-line educators at all levels to integrate new pedagogic approaches into their everyday practice.

The company is committed to providing a creative space where research hypotheses and findings can be validated through experimentation and testing in a ‘living lab’ with a view to developing new methodologies and resources to address persistent social, economic and integration issues that pertain in all EU Member States. FHB is not a front-line service provider but rather focuses on applying the expertise available to design and produce state-of-the-art learning and teaching materials. The company targets its actions in three specific areas:

(1) developing new pedagogic approaches that make use of the latest technologies to ensure that they are designed for widespread uptake by education professionals
(2) delivering training materials for marginalised adults of all ages that can be used in non-formal and informal settings where reluctant learners feel most at home
(3) conducting educational research focused on 3 different but inter-related themes:
a. Technology in Education - e-learning, the role of social media in education, gamification, challenge or problem-based learning, online safety
b. Social Psychology - migrant integration, radicalisation, early childhood development, health literacy, cognitive development, active ageing
c. Business – entrepreneurship, circular economy, business modelling, talent management

It provides courses and seminars for education and training professionals based on the findings of the academic research conducted by its team of professionals who are drawn from several European countries. Berlin has a reputation as being a centre for creativity and expression but beneath the surface there remains many problems that require different approaches than those provided by mainstream providers.

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