FARSE je projekat finansiran od strane Erasmus+ fonda Evropske unije koji traje od novembra 2020 do kraja oktobra 2022.  

Na ovoj veb stranici naći ćete informacije o aktivnostima organizovanim u okviru projekta kao i resurse koje smo razvili.

Nema sumnje da obrazovanje ima ozbiljnu ulogu u 'Politici ubeđivanja', jer tražimo nove načine, ne samo da pomognemo ljudima da shvate klimatsku krizu, već i deo koji mi, kao zabrinuti građani, možemo igraju u promeni ponašanja i doprinose opštem rešenju za zdraviju planetu.

There is no doubt that education has a serious role to play in the 'Politics of Persuasion', as we seek to find new ways, not simply of helping people understand the climate crisis, but also the part that we, as concerned citizens, can play in changing behaviour and contributing to an overall solution for a healthier planet.

However, just as education has its part to play in the climate change challenge; rational argument, creativity and humour are also effective tools of persuasion. Intelligent Disobedience can serve as one of the most effective and inspiring methods to bring about long lasting social change in the face of 'hard and soft resistance' by hardline climate sceptics and the all-too-often ‘profit first, people last’ corporate forces.

Few people would refute the assertion that climate change is one of, if not the most important challenge facing our civilisation today. Much of the current debate surrounds what might be the contributory causes of the problem, and what we as individuals can achieve in terms of a sustainable solution.

Hard reporting often results in a newsfeed dominated by negativity; this is in addition to wave after wave of fake news reports, pandemic updates, political disinformation and mortality stats. Thus, the objective of the FARCE project is to propose a new, ‘infotainment’ based approach by re-calibrating today's negative news flow. Not making light of serious issues, but dealing with them in new thoughtful, humorous and educational contexts, might well be the key to making people wake up, take notice and act upon the crucial issues of the day such as the climate crisis, and engage with them in a more meaningful way; such is the power of satire.